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The Morgan County Health Department takes written complaints on a wide variety of matters.  Some of these are listed below:

Foodborne Illness

Food Establishments

Rental Housing (If you ARE current on rent and are NOT under eviction)

Illegal Sewage Disposal

Illegal Dumping

Other Conditions that May Be Detrimental to Human Life or Health

Smoking Ban Complaints (May be entered directly to ISEP on this site)

To file a complaint, you must print this form, fill it out and mail it to the address at the top of the page, or fax it to the Health Department.  We will look into the matter as soon as time permits.  (Note:  The form will print normally.)

You may also fill out our online complaint form, found here.

***The Morgan County Health Department does not take anonymous complaints on any issue except food establishments.  Please note that as our records are open to the public, we can not guarantee confidentiality.

Morgan County Health Department can not take complaints on the conditions listed below:

Mold (See this page)

Unkempt Lawns or Fields (Consider speaking to your Township Trustee or City/Town, or if you are in the unincorporated County, contact the Commissioners Office)

Standing Water (Contact the Drainage Board or your County/City/Town)

Bed Bugs (see this page)

Other Nuisances (See this page)

Workplace Safety- IOSHA or OSHA