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Environmental Health Fees

Environmental Health Fees

Full-Time Food Establishment Permits

# of EmployeesFees
1-5 Employees125.00
6-9 Employees150.00
10+ Employees175.00

Part-Time Food Establishment Permits

# of EmployeesFees
1-5 Employees60.00
6-9 Employees70.00
10+ Employees85.00

Temporary Food Establishment Permits

Temporary Food PermitsFees
15 Days or Less per Calendar Year40.00

Residential Septic Installation (New or Replacement)

Mound or Presby System150.00
Conventional System125.00
Septic Tank50.00

Commercial Septic Installation (By Design Daily Flow)

<750 gpd150.00
>750 gpd200.00

Various Septic Fees

Site Inspection Fee (Home Improvement)35.00
Reinspection Fine (when not ready at time of inspection)35.00
Installer Registration50.00

Tattoo/Permanent Makeup/Body Piercing Establishment

Establishment Permit200.00

Public and Semi-Public Swimming Pool Permits

Full-Time Swimming Pool Permit150.00
Part-Time Swimming Pool Permit (open less than 6 months per year)75.00

Payment Options

In Person: Cash, check, money order, credit or debit cards (no third party checks)

By Mail: Check or money order (no third party checks)

Online: Credit or debit card via the GovPay website:

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***Please note: When paying online, you MUST include a copy of the receipt from GovPay with your application forms.