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Anonymous Food Complaint Form

Anonymous Food Complaint Form

If you have a suspected foodborne illness, please call the Health Department directly at 765-342-6621 and ask to speak to a food inspector.

Please Note: For complaints of a suspected foodborne illnessplease call the Health Department as soon as possible and ask to speak to a food inspector. If you are still symptomatic or if you have leftover suspect food, the Health Department may ask you for a sample.

The Health Department may ask for some or all of the following details:

What was eaten, including beverages, condiments and dessert


Date and time of meal and when symptoms began and ended

Details/locations of meals for 3 days prior to suspected meal

Name of facility or product

Number of people affected

Doctor/hospital information if applicable

Activities of the ill person, including, for example: do you use well water, have you attended any potluck meals recently, have you been swimming recently, or any handling of farm animals


Please note that food complaints can be submitted anonymously. You are NOT required to include your email address.

Part A: For a complaint with a specific establishment, please fill out the section below.


Part B: For a complaint regarding a specific food, please fill out the section below.