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Requirements for Temporary Food Establishments

Requirements for Temporary Food Establishments

  • No ill employees
  • Certified food handler and copy of their certificate on site
  • Potable (drinkable) water for hand washing and food prep (see picture below)
  • Employees must wash hands at appropriate intervals
  • Adequate insect and rodent control
  • A trash receptacle must be provided
  • Employees wearing hats, hair nets, or visors
  • Chemicals stored separately from the food and single service items
  • Adequate facilities and equipment to maintain food temperatures
  • No bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food; gloves, utensils, deli tissue, tongs, etc. must be used
  • Hand washing station should be equipped with soap and paper towels
  • Catch basin provided to hold hand washing wastewater until the water is disposed into sanitary sewer system (do not discharge the waste into storm sewers or on the ground)
  • Food from approved sources (no home-prepared foods can be used or offered to the public)
  • Potable water hoses are of food grade quality and incoming sources of water must have back-siphonage preventers installed
  • Thermometer for checking food temperatures (potentially hazardous foods must be held below 41˚ F or above 135˚ F)
  • A three-compartment sink supplied with potable water is washing and sanitizing food equipment on-site (see picture below)
  • Sanitizer such as chlorine (bleach) or quaternary ammonia to sanitize all food contact surfaces. Proper sanitizing concentrations: chlorine 50-200 ppm* and quaternary ammonia 200 ppm* (* or as otherwise indicated by the Code of Federal Regulations [CFR] or by the manufacturer of the product)
  • Chemical test strips to test concentration of sanitizers
  • Employees not permitted to smoke or eat in food prep areas (drinks must be from a closed beverage container)
  • Foods, utensils, and all single-service items must be stored at least six inches off the floor or ground
  • Do not store food or other items in ice that is to be used for human consumption


Proper Temporary Dish Washing Station

Temp Dish Set-Up