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Mobile Food Units

Mobile Food Units

General Requirements


Please follow all applicable regulations. Refer to 410 IAC 7-24.


In order to qualify for a new permit, or to retain an existing permit, the following basic standards must be met:

– Mobile Food Units must work out of a permitted commissary base. These are kitchens that are permitted separately from the mobile food unit. Units must return daily for maintenance and cleanup.

– If you intend to use a permitted commissary that you do not own, provide a signed agreement from the owner, confirming your legal use of the commissary.

– You must be approved for a permit and be inspected before a permit will be issued. Approval must be given for both the commissary and the mobile food unit.

– If the mobile food unit discontinues use of the documented commissary, operation must immediately be discontinued until another commissary is found.

– Permits must be renewed each calendar year before beginning operation.


Cart Requirements:

To include, but not limited to:

– Adequate cooling equipment maintained at 41 Degrees F and below

– Adequate heating/cooking equipment

– Adequate food protection from the elements

– Probe thermometer

– Thermometer for each cooler

– Approved chemical sanitizer with test strips

– Self-contained hand washing facilities with hot and cold running water, stocked with soap and paper towels

– No bare hand contact with ready to eat food – gloves and/or other utensils as required

– Properly dispose of waste according to law

– Hair restraints

– No home prepared food is allowed


You Must Provide:

– A written route and locations of operation

– Expected dates and times of operation

– Complete written menu


Notify Morgan County Health Department when:

– Operation is discontinued

– Commissary status changes

– Ownership changes

– Dates and times of operation and/or route/locations change

– Menu processes change


You must renew your permit yearly before beginning operation.


*Please note that you may be subject to additional requirements from other

agencies (City, County, State, etc…) for location set-up (peddler’s licenses) or food permits in other counties.