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Online Application for Septic System (Mound, Presby or Infiltrator ATL)

**Septic Installer Information for Mound, Presby or Infiltrator ATL Systems**

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By checking the box below, I hereby certify that I am the installer named above and that I am authorized to request a permit for the above property, in accordance with Indiana Code 410 IAC 6-8-3.

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System Type:

Sewer Pipe:

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Septic Tank:

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Force Main:

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**All pump electrical connections must be inside a NEMA 4x junction box**

Presby or Infiltrator ATL System

Bed Dimensions (ft):
Number of Pipes:
Length of Pipes (ft):
Number of Beds:
Depth of Bed:
Slope Across Site (%):

Presby/Infiltrator ATL Drainage:

P/I- Drainage Type:
P/I- Socked Tile:
P/I- Drain Depth (in):

Sand Mound


Basal Area (ft):
Gravel Bed (ft):
Manifold Diameter (in):
Number of Laterals:
Lateral Length (ft):
Lateral Diameter (in):
Number of Holes:
Site Slope (%):

Sand Mound Drainage:

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SM- Socked Tile:
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