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Birth Certificate Application-Online

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***Please note: When paying online, you MUST include a copy of the receipt from GovPay with your application forms.

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´╗┐WARNING: False applications, altering, mutilating or counterfeiting Indiana birth certificates is a criminal offense under IC 16-1-19-6.

For Certificate:

1. Full Name at Birth (First, Middle, Last):*
2. Date of Birth:*
3. Birthplace (County):*
4. Has this person been adopted?*
4a. If yes, has name been legally changed?
4b. If Yes, New Name (First, Middle, Last):
5. Full Name of Father (First, Middle, Last):*
6. Father's State of Birth:
7. Full Maiden Name of Mother (First, Middle, Last):*
8. Mother's State of Birth:

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9. Relationship to person on certificate:*
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By checking the box below, I hereby certify that I am the requestor named above and that I am authorized to request a certified copy of the record for the above named individual, in accordance with Indiana Code 16-37 and 410 Indiana Administrative Code 18. I understand that penalties are described by law for misrepresentation on this request.

15. I agree with the above statement:*

A Birth Certificate set costs $15.00 each (online). This includes one full size and one wallet-size certificate. You may purchase vinyl covers in full size and/or wallet-size for $2.00 each. Please indicate your choices and quantities below.

16. Number of Birth Certificate Sets ($15.00 each):*
16a. Number of Protective Vinyl Sleeves- Full Size ($2.00 each):
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*** I.D. required. Please provide 1 form of identification. ***

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If you would like the certificate mailed somewhere other than the above address, please print name and address of the person to whom the certificate is to be mailed:

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